Credit Tenant Property

Credit tenant properties are strategically useful for tax-sensitive investors due to unique financing and deal structuring possibilities. Learn More

Capital Gains Tax Solutions

The high leverage available for credit tenant properties makes it ideal replacement property for 1031 exchanges and capital gains tax deferral. Learn More

Distressed Asset Tax Solutions

Property owners facing mortgage foreclosure face the uncomfortable problem of owing State and Federal capital gains tax on the loan amount that exceeds the depreciated tax basis of the troubled property. In a foreclosure or deed-in-lieu event the IRS deems the transaction a sale to the lender for the outstanding loan amount. Typically, however, the property owner receives no cash to cover the tax obligation. Learn More

Acquisitions, Trading & Equity Participation

Credit Tenant Capital, LLC purchases credit tenant properties for its own account and frequently participates alongside clients executing credit tenant strategies. We are frequent purchasers of credit tenant portfolios from investors whose needs have changed. Learn More


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