June 30, 2012

Credit Tenant Capital did a wonderful job for my partners and I in sourcing and providing advice relating to net leased real estate investments.  As you know, we were planning the sale of a property in excess of $25mm.  Though we came to you in January 2012, our sale was not scheduled to close until July.  You promptly identified $25mm of commercial real estate for us to acquire in February.  The deal was so good, and due to the timing of our closing, we put it under contract with a substantial non-refundable deposit to control it for our 1031 exchange.  We’ve had opportunities to flip the contract and make a sizeable profit.   We’re grateful to you for bringing us the deal and pleased with our decision to have moved quickly to control it.  We’re presently happy to hold it as a long term investment.  Once again, thank you so very much.

Best regards, William M. Bancroft

March 15, 2012

John delivered a variety of very interesting, highly structured deals for our 1031 exchange requirement.  We needed to close before year end 2011.  His simultaneous direct negotiation with half a dozen sellers included hundreds of e-mails and phone calls over several weeks where he had to have been 100% dedicated to our needs.  His process kept us fully informed and in a continuous secure position of having a viable deal to move forward with.  This position of strength allowed us to negotiate alternatives despite timing pressure.  Negotiating alternatives meant our preferences based on his evaluation and analysis changed reflecting concessions from sellers.  Someone else in John’s position might have been inclined to abbreviate the process and move forward with one seller.  At the end of the day, we believe his advocacy led us to closing the best of what the market had to offer.  It’s been a few months now since the deal closed.  Based on our experience and a number of other trusted advisors and experienced investors, it is clear John’s effort was worth close to a million dollars to us.  We’re very pleased to take any opportunity to tell our story and show our appreciation for the exceptional efforts of Credit Tenant Capital, LLC in helping us source and close on about $40 million of commercial real estate.

Michael Reynolds, Managing Partner of the Embarcadero Pacific Company.

February 14, 2011

In 2010, John sold 75 of our CVS drug stores to half a dozen of his tax advisory clients generating aggregate sales proceeds in excess of $400 million.  His unique real estate tax strategies and some of his more innovative financing applications have created tremendous demand for properties leased to investment grade credit tenants on long term absolute net leases including the transactions we do with CVS Caremark.  We appreciate the strategic relationship we have with John’s company, Credit Tenant Capital, LLC.  As we near the anniversary of our 12th year of operations closing our 36th portfolio with CVS, bringing the total to more than $8 billion of sale/leaseback transactions, we look forward to working with Credit Tenant Capital on many more transactions.

Brett Landes, President and Founder, The Landes Group

June 14, 2010

Having known John Hyslip for a decade, I can say without reservation that his integrity is only matched by his creativity.  John is capable of seeing the smallest details in the biggest of pictures, understanding what is and what is not important, and executing accordingly.  He is a trustworthy client who has paid our firm in excess of agreed-to fees on deals as they became more complex.  John makes everyone feel like an equal partner in all transactions and negotiations.  He provides all parties in any transaction with exceptional clarity and insight.

Ted Morandin, Morprop Advisors

October 15, 2007

This is a letter of reference written in support of John K.C. Hyslip as a real estate investor. John negotiated the acquisition of a portfolio of 114 Citzens and Charter One bank branch buildings for a gross sales price in excess of $125 million dollars from UBS in 2007.

UBS, at the time, needed certainty of execution in choosing the appropriate buyer from a group of several interested parties. John’s quick understanding and comfort with many complicated issues gave us the confidence to move forward with him as the right buyer. John was decisive and assisted in an accelerated sales process by flying down from Boston in his helicopter for a meeting that resulted in a signed letter of intent. Within 10 days, a purchase and sale agreement was executed and John wired the full cash deposit from his personal account.

John is a fair and reasonable negotiator who does not make ultimatums. He is a relationship oriented investor who understands the significance of verbal commitments and the larger picture of closing the transaction for the benefit of both counterparties. Two weeks after he wired his cash deposit, John let it go hard as we continued to work through significant outstanding environmental and title issues.

I recommend John and his team as professionals with whom we enjoyed a good working relationship.

Very truly yours,
Robert Perelman
UBS Securities

December 30, 2003

Dear John:
It’s the end of the year and I want to take a moment to do something I should have done earlier. We recently completed two significant transactions with you: one a $40 million, 11 property sale and the other a $38 million, 9 property sale. Because the completion of both sales were important to our long term corporate strategy, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your straight forward and decisive dealings in each case.

In both deals, you proved to be good to your word, completing the transactions without ever “re-trading” the deal or creating new obstacles. When the inevitable unforeseen glitches arose, you consistently maintained the spirit of the deal, even when it was obvious you could use the issues to create leverage in order to improve your position.

Clearly price is an important aspect of any deal. But equally valuable, and often overlooked, is the reliability and integrity of the parties involved. You clearly demonstrated both traits in our dealings and I can honestly say it was a pleasure working with you. I hope we have other opportunities to work together in the future.

Best regards,
Daniel C. Cramer
Vice President
Townsend Capital, LLC


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